How to Register a Business Address in Singapore

business address in singapore

If you own a Singapore registered business, you may be interested in registering a business address. There are several ways to do this, including through a registered office, virtual office, or mailing address. The most basic package is $10 per month and includes monthly or weekly forwarding of mail to your address. This service is available from a company in Paya Lebar Square.

Registering a business address in Singapore

When you set up a company in Singapore, you will need to register a business address. This address will serve as your legal address in Singapore, and will be used by the government and other bodies to contact you. It will also be the location where you receive notices from the government and receive correspondence from banks and other financial institutions.

Having a Singapore registered office address is also necessary for compliance with Singapore regulations. The Companies Act, Cap. 50, stipulates that every company must have a local registered office address. This location will be where government entities send out correspondence, including notices of new incentives and annual requirements.

Depending on the business’s needs, a registered office can be a convenient and affordable way to register a business in Singapore. A registered office can also help you save money and resolve problems that may arise. For example, a registered office can be more convenient than an overseas office, because the business owner will be able to answer emails from Singapore more quickly.

Types of business addresses

There are two types of business addresses in Singapore: registered and correspondence addresses. A registered address is the one used for company documents, such as tax returns. It is also used as a secondary address. A lot of investors use residential addresses for incorporation, and this can be fine if you have the right approval, but it’s best to switch to a business address. In Singapore, office space is available at very affordable rates.

A company must have a registered address in Singapore in order to operate. Without a registered address, it will be difficult to conduct business. You can hire a corporate secretarial service in Singapore to do this for you. They can make the process easy and quick, saving you time and money.

Virtual offices as an alternative to a registered office

Virtual offices in Singapore are an affordable alternative to a traditional registered office. These addresses are available at prime locations, in the heart of the business district. These addresses also include a phone number for business communication and an answering service that can handle incoming calls. These addresses can be used by overseas entrepreneurs to establish a presence in Singapore.

There are many advantages to having a virtual office. One of the main benefits of using a virtual office in Singapore is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding and maintaining a registered office. These services provide your business with a Singaporean address that can be used to receive mail. Some also offer mail forwarding and notification services.

Using a virtual office is also more affordable than renting an actual office space. It allows you to save up to 80% of the start-up cost of a physical office. While a small 150-square-foot office in the CBD will cost you $27,350, a virtual office can be leased for as little as $99 per month. That means you can save over S$25,000, which you can use to invest in goods or keep your business capital.